Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green Monster Update

Back to square one, or more accurately, where I was Tuesday night when I finally admitted that it wasn't going to work.

1:30 pm (Thursday)

I now know that I can knit 10,000 stitches in about 30 hours.

And I'm Back

I'm working on a shawl/scarf design. I fell in love with this lace motif, and it hasn't been cooperating. I gave up, started designing the way that it wanted to work, and was well on my way to finishing the sample (and pattern) today.

Tuesday evening.

Then I realized that I had been optimistic with how big the thing would be and that there was no way I'd have enough yarn to finish. My only choice was to rip out the 80"x6" of knitting that was already done. That's 480 square inches of knitting and more than 11,000 stitches (yay math).

So this morning I set up my knitting station, comfy chair, computer loaded up with knitting podcasts (thanks Wonder Mike for getting me through), some water, and my chart.

I put on an inspirational outfit.

And I sat down to knit.

8:30 am (Wednesday)

11:00 am (Wednesday)

4:00 pm (Wednesday)

1:15 am (Thursday)

The yarn is the Pistachio colorway in Atlantis, a really great Silk Seacell and Rayon blend hand dyed by my friend Angela.
The pattern is coming soon, it will be available at Windy Knitty in Chicago.