Friday, August 28, 2009

Secret Knitting

I have been doing a little secret knitting.

I designed a little cozy for the teapot that Sandy & Derrick wanted. Sandy liked a teapot with a little leaf detail that Derrick wasn't so into. They opted for a simpler teapot, I put leaves on the cozy.

Great little fabric buttons.

And their tea tray. You can barely see the tray because our table is almost as dark as the tray. That scone mix is my all time favorite, super easy and always delicious. I like to add things like dried cranberries or almonds, but it's great plain too.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Delicious Pasta

From the fantastic Smitten Kitchen site. Thanks Sandy!

My pasta shells.

Home made roasted red pepper vinaigrette (in the jar the roasted peppers came in) with the snow peas.

My peas, I did not buy fresh and shell them, I defrosted them.

And voila! The lovely pasta salad, not a nicely photographed as the original, because I was hungry and impatient.

More Baseball

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



See this sweater that I am knitting, see how far I am?

I am going to rip it all out.

It was going to be like this green sweater... Very cute, right? Good design, nice shape, flattering on the model. Only problem is I'm not built like the model. And my yarn is a bit bulkier than called for, making the sweater even less drapey than the original. Not good.

The February Lady by Flint Knits.

See this sweater? (Tiny picture I know) It's made from a yarn as bulky as the red yarn above. It's also pretty cute, good design, etc... And I think it will look much nicer on my figure than the green one.

Carmela's Cardigan by Patton's Design Team.

So I am ripping the sweater, to use the yarn for a something I'll actually wear. Maybe I'll try the green one again some day.