Friday, July 18, 2008

Learning to make yarn.

My first yarn.  
Made from some mystery wool included with my drop spindle.  It came out on the thicker side, with some super thin spots.  

My second yarn.  
Just as thick/thin as the first.  Made from "domestic top" roving, mostly natural with the last bit spun from leftover dyed scraps.  A little closer to worsted weight (for the most part)

I signed up for a spinning class, bought a (large) drop spindle, practiced on the wool that came with it, practiced on more wool that I had laying around, went to my first class, made a littler drop spindle, spun tiny skinny yarn, took lots of roving home to practice, continued spinning tiny skinny yarn, ordered another (smaller) drop spindle, set up this blog and am now waiting for my new drop spindle to arrive while spinning another spindle-full of tiny skinny yarn so that I can ply it with the first spindle-full I made.  Ta-da! 

I will post photos of the tiny skinny yarn that I've been making soon.  Maybe once it's plied...

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edwardw355 said...

Realizing that there's not much of it, the thick/thin yarn might add some real interest to something knit/woven (as slubs do).