Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not Knitting

I got to go to the Obama Victory Rally!

The first of three checkpoints.

The second.

And the third (the white tent in the top left corner of the photo), where they had the metal detectors.

Entering the park.

The Jumbotron, our friend, made Obama bigger for us. He was about 3" tall viewed from where we ended up.

The acceptance speech!

Crowd members.

Stephanie (taken with my iPhone), who let me be her date since I didn't get my own ticket.

Andre, who we ran into partway through the night.

And me, with the Jumbotron acceptance speech in the background.

People taking pictures of the crowd leaving.

The crowd leaving.

A long street shot of the mass exodus.

Stephanie and I headed right overafter work. We tried to stake out a space where several groups of friends could converge. Unfortunately, due to the sectioning of the field and cell network overload, none of our groups made it too us. We were in the metal detector screened section and, as Andre put it, our friends were in the section of the field where people might have guns. We ran into Andre by accident, he had become separated from his companions as well.

The evening was awesome. Several hours of election coverage, chatting with strangers, eating overpriced pizza (I later found out that it was $1 per slice less in the "people might have guns" section) and debating if CNN projections were bound to break our hearts.

I can't describe exactly how I felt when he won. When they first projected the win I was a little nauseous, feeling like it was too good to be true. I didn't relax until McCain gave his concession speech. It was a really really powerful feeling to be standing in a field with tens of thousands of people listening to Obama speak. It seemed like no one wanted to leave when it was all over. Once the adrenaline wore off a few days of worry and sleeplessness caught up to me. I crashed on the train ride home.

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Malika Green said...

what an amazing experience to have been there! we had a party at home, watched on tv. so incredible!