Sunday, December 7, 2008

Drop Stitch Stephanie

I'm using this beautiful yarn that Stephanie bought to make her a scarf. She found a really lovely dropped stitch pattern that she liked. It's my train knitting because it shouldn't get to big or too intricate to haul around.

I had almost three feet of scarf knit. On my lunch break the other day I lay it out to take a blog photo, when I noticed a giant mistake. And the giant mistake was only about a foot from the beginning. Argh. I had to rip back, it was a little demoralizing. Now that I've knit back to where I was, I can talk about it again.

The scarf pre rip. You can see where my circular needle is, way back by the beginning. That's where I had to rip to.

And the offending row. You can see how the scarf is all wavy lines and offset openwork. But mid frame there is a big honking straight line, where I did not offset the openwork. There was no way I could leave it.

This is actually very addicting to knit.

Sorry for the poor photo quality, all taken with my iPhone.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I love it!! So sorry that the mistake was near the beginning...I was afraid to ask about it as I felt so bad. It looks beautiful, Amanda!