Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Call me Martha

Actually, call Sandy and I Martha.

We made this awesome, high maintenace, vertiucally layered, rose cake.

The Cake.

Chilling in the fridge, pre eating.

Icing the roses.

Assembling the layers, high maintenance vertcal layers.

The cakes, mid slicing and layering.

Sandy baked four layers, two chocolate, two yellow and glued them together using simple syrup (no icing) into one tall chocolate cake and one tall yellow cake.

After freezing them to help them stick together we cut them into concentric circles and reassembled the rings of cake into bullseyes.

Then we used more simple syrup/glue and froze them again.

We made buttercream icing and Sandy applied a crumb coat to the cakes. She made me do the roses.

We then force fed it to the regular crew after Sandy fed them lassagna and roasted chicken & vegtables.

Icing the roses was easier than I thought it would be. I'm probably never going to do the vertical layers again, they were so much work, and they fell apart when you tried to cut the cake. Next time I'll do regular layers and ice the roses.


Angela said...

Whoa. Yep, horizontal layers would make life so much easier! Beautiful cake, though.

ponypandaturtle said...

Thanks, had to try the vertical layers once.