Monday, September 1, 2008

Brown/Pink Three Ply

I'm making this into this...
My weekend was mostly spent on it.  

The first single of my planned three ply yarn from the Stitches roving.  And yes, I made a new little drop spindle. The two I already own have singles in progress that I didn't want to remove or finish first.  
See how much I have!  That wool rat is longer than my palm.  The wire is coat hanger and the whorl is about a 2" diameter (for scale).  I don't know how much more I can fit on the spindle.  My stubborn nature wants to spin it all as one continuous single, I'm thinking that won't happen though.   

Or this for scale!  You can see it's a bit thick-thin, not bad though.  

I pulled off the dyed mohair, then I split the brown wool down the middle, for three separate singles.  The only thing is that the ball of brown I've been spinning from doesn't seem any smaller (it's the bottom left ball).  In this photo it seems larger than the untouched brown ball, go figure.  

I'm pretty excited about this stuff.  

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